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Willand Pre-School

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Pre-School Pricing

Your child is entitled to 15 hours a week free funding, the term after they turn 3.  This entitles them for example 6 sessions a week (2.5 hours, without lunch) or 2 full days and one session or 4 sessions that include lunch.  The 15 hours can be used in a variety of ways and can be split between ourselves and another provision if needed. Also if you think you are eligible for the 30hr scheme please apply online and then provide us with your eligibility code. 

Any additional hours (or if your child is not yet in receipt of funding) are charged at the following rates:

Lunch (1.25 hours)     £5.50 for 3yr olds  /  £6.75 for 2yr olds 

Sessions (2.5 hours)  £11.00 for 3yr olds  /  £13.50 for 2yr olds

You can purchase Pre-School T-Shirts, Jumpers and Hoodies if required.

The prices are as follows:

T-Shirt               £8.50

Polo Shirt          £9.50

Jumper              £10.50

Hoody               £11.50